Solidarity Message to Korean Federation of Public Services and Transportation Workers Unions – KPTU


New police raids, more arrests – stop the Korean government’s attacks on trade union rights!

SANGSU JO, president
AREAN KIM, general secretary
Korean Federation of Public Services and Transportation Workers Unions (KPTU)

Dear Bro. Sangsu Jo and Sis. Arean Kim:

We were informed by our co-trade unionists from the IUF that KPTU as well as several other unions, including the KCTU itself, are being subjected to a series of repressions by the Korean government. In particular, we learned that only this month the KPTU offices have been raided twice, on Nov. 6 and 21. In a display of heavy-handedness, about 200 police took part in the first raid alone. Several KPTU members, particularly from its affiliate cargo truckers (KPTU-Truck Sol), have also been arrested.

These raids and arrests are clearly attempts by the government to suppress the ongoing strike of KPTU-Truck Sol members and their “high-altitude protests” (atop a billboard). Likewise, the current crackdowns against the KCTU and other Korean trade unions are due to the massive National Workers Rally and People’s Mass Mobilization last Nov. 14 and a desperate bid to stop its relaunching in December, which will culminate in a general strike to reiterate the Korean workers’ opposition to the neoliberal and regressive “labor reform” agenda of the Park Geun-hye regime.

The Sentro ng mga Nagkakaisa at Progresibong Manggagawa or Sentro (Center of United and Progressive Workers) – a national labor center in the Philippines composed of trade unions and other workers’ organizations in the private, public, informal and migrant sectors – expresses its indignation over these patently unjust and illegal actions of the South Korean government, which are shameless attempts to further advance at all costs the neoliberal and big corporate interests.

Sentro and all its affiliate organizations assure the KPTU, the KCTU and the Korean labor movement of our continuing support and solidarity to your – our –struggles.

Long live the KPTU!
Long live the KCTU!
Carry on the workers’ struggle!


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