Power to the People Coalition calls for People’s Resistance Against the Aquino Emergency Power

The passage of the Joint House Resolution 21 giving President Aquino emergency powers at a time when the people are still reeling from typhoon Ruby and despite popular clamor against this Congressional moves—is a blatant disregard of the people’s will and rights. Like thieves in the night, the congressmen passed the resolution which continues to stand on a shaky legal and factual basis, despite protests from various quarters. To this date , Secretary Petilla and even Malacanang miserably failed to justify the need for such power using Section 71 of EPIRA as its legal shield.

This will lead us to doubt the real intentions for the emergency power. The DOE even admitted that the emergency power will not ensure that there will be no power rate hike next year.

One thing is clear though. Private corporations generating power supply for their needs and will be mobilized in the Interruptible Load Program( ILP) of the government will stand to benefit from this emergency power. It is not surprising why the likes of Henry Sy of SM is eager and willing to participate in the said program. The government’s solution to resolve the power crisis means pushing for its pending and new coal power plant projects that face legal and popular opposition, particularly from impacted communities. Therefore, we continue to assert that the proposed measures will only benefit corporate interest and will further violate human rights of the people and destroy the environment.

There is no long-term solution to the perennial power supply crisis and the unending rise in power costs other than for the government to repeal EPIRA, junk the privatization regime, and put under public control the power industry. A decisive component of this is to restore to Government its planning and regulatory powers apart from restructuring ownership of power generation, transmission and distribution in favor of the State and the public.

The Power to the People coalition will never stop and will continue to campaign against this dangerous and destructive emergency power measures of the government. The people need to be vigilant and active in stopping any measure that will lead to their harm and the betrayal of their interests and sovereign will. They should oppose any emergency measure that will ram through dirty and harmful energy projects like the new coal power plants, destroy the environment and exacerbate our climate crisis. We will welcome the year 2015 with continued protest actions if the government will remain intransigent and ride roughshod over the people’s rights and interests and ignore the snowballing public demand for the scrapping of the emergency power and the repeal of EPIRA.

Let this be a warning and a notice to this power-hungry administration.





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