Hotel workers urge SC to review Dusit case en banc

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Workers belonging to SENTRO marched to the Supreme Court today to urge Chief Justice Sereno to review the case En Banc and reverse the illogical and unjust labor jurisprudence which was found to be in violation of ILO Core Conventions.

While they laud the recent decisions of the Court, particularly on the PDAF and DAP, the workers also ask that the Chief Justice take a look at patently unjust decisions of the Court.

Dusit Hotel workers were deemed to have gone on strike in 2001 solely because some of them reported for work with shaved heads. The management had prevented from working not only those who shaved their heads, but also women union officers (none of whom shaved their heads) and members who did NOT shave their heads nor cut them short as well as male union officers who had long lost their hair due to the ravages of time.
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