Sentro observes Lent, reenacts ‘people’s Calvary’

COMPARING the Lenten season to the daily and worsening plight of the vast majority of Filipinos, especially the workers, members of the Sentro ng mga Nagkakaisa at Progresibong Manggagawa (SENTRO) today marched to Mendiola, near Malacañang, and performed their version of the Passion Play showing the “many calvaries of the people caused by the greed and callousness of a few.”

An actor portraying a crucified Christ – or suffering worker – was successively “pierced” by actors dressed as Roman soldiers using papier-mâché spears, each bearing the calvaries of low wages and meager benefits, rampant contractualization, increasing unemployment, unabated power rate hikes, blocking of the long-pending security of tenure bill (SOT) in the Congress, excruciatingly slow and inept “Yolanda” rehabilitation work, diluted reproductive health (RH) law, US military-biased Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), among others.

“As we join the Christendom in remembering the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, just like as we honor and respect all faiths and religions, we call on the Filipino people to also show sincere compassion and concrete solidarity to the sufferings of our fellowmen,” Edwin Bustillos, SENTRO spokesperson said.

Bustillos added, however, that “while the Christ of the poor and the oppressed had endured untold misery and persecution, He eventually was resurrected; in the same way that our struggle ultimately aims to free us from poverty and all forms of injustice.”


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